By Pastor Don Elmore

There is much confusion over certain words in the Bible and words referring to people who are in the Bible. Once such word is anti-semite. It means to most people one who is anti-jewish or anti-zionist. But it can't be.

Noah had 3 sons: Shem, Japheth and Ham.

  1. Shem
    1. Abraham
      1. Ishmael -- father of the Arabs
        1. Descendants of Shem
      2. Isaac
        1. Esau -- twin of Jacob; father of the Edomites; married two or three Canaanites and one Ishmaelite
          • After destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. most went to Northern Africa and Spain; a few to the Khazar Empire
          • Sephardic Jews
          • Descendants of Shem
        2. Jacob/Israel; twin of Esau -- father of the Israelites
          • Judah married Canaanite; had 3 sons--only 1 son; had children--he (Shelah) married a Canaanite
          • Judah then had two sons by an Israelite woman
          • Some of the other Israelites also intermarried Canaanites and other strange races
          • The rest married another Israelite and became eventually a multitude of nations; a great nation and other nations
          • Descendants of Shem
  2. Japheth
    1. Askenazi -- converted in the sixth century (A.D.) to Judaism in Khazar Empire
      1. According to Jewish sources these people make up over 90% of the total Jewish population
      2. Ashkenazi Jews
      3. NOT SEMITIC -- Descendants of Japheth
  3. Ham
    1. Some became Falashas Jews through intermarriage with Canaanites or Edomites; a few converted to Judaism
    2. NOT SEMITIC -- Descendants of Ham


In today's multicultural world, there are a mixture of all three peoples in every possible combination; but basically:

  1. Most Arabs are Semitic
  2. Most Israelites are Semitic
  3. Most Jews are not Semitic; only about 10% or less are Semitic