The Anti-Paul Movement is Jewish

by Paul Opvolgende Vonkpost

Please be aware of the anti-Paul movement, it was set up by the foe (today's Edomites) to fordo (destroy) the Israel Insight.

This movement twists what Paul says in order to make him look like a huckster but who are the hucksters in this world? The Jewish Encyclopedia and other jewish writings makes makes it clear that one of the greatest of the foes for Judaism is Paul. The jews spew hatred upon Paul.

“Needless to say, observant Jews objected to Paul, ... whom they saw as the worst kind of heretic. Indeed, because of Jewish complaints against him, Paul was arrested by the Roman authorities, held for a time under house arrest, and finally executed in or around 67 CE (the year of the start of the Great Revolt against Rome in Israel.)” Rabbi Ken Spiro

“Jews don’t like the apostle Paul. ... Paul was the twister, and can’t be forgiven. “Jesus, yes; Paul, never!” as one Jewish biographer of Paul puts it. As a zealous convert who equated the Torah with death, Paul is deemed the father of anti-Judaism (the theological critique of Judaism as a religion), the grandfather of anti-Semitism (the hatred of Jews as people), and the inventor of the theology of the Cross (an excuse for many massacres of Jews). Even Friedrich Nietzsche, no friend of the Jews, said Paul “falsified the history of Israel so as to make it appear as a prologue to his mission” and was “the genius in hatred, in the standpoint of hatred, and in the relentless logic of hatred.”  JUDITH SHULEVITZ 

The Jews have taken away the OT by saying it is for Jews and the OT they have given us is a rag, the 1000AD Masoretic OT. They have also taken away the Apocrypha saying it is not inspired, then Revelation is so-called anti Semitic, now Paul's books are no good so we must also get rid of the writings of peter because Peter has this to say of Paul...

“...our beloved brother Paul also according to the wisdom given unto him hath written unto you; as also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction.”

So then all we are left with are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

The anti-Paul mob argue amongst other things, that the Bible is of 66 books thanks to the books of Paul being in them, namely 27 for the NT and 39 for the OT , thus in all 66 books. Their logic is thus that this evil number is somehow proof that Paul's book should not be in the Bible. It is a sort code or proof in your face almost, that Paul should not be in the Bible resting upon the strength of this argument.

Whoa ha ha and LOL! Sorry, had to laugh. What a crummy argument! It is almost as if it came from a Khosherdale (Hollywood) scriptwriter. The Bible is only 66 books if one uses the Protestant Bible, but the Catholic Bible is 73 books, and the Eastern Orthodox is of 78 books! Now each one has 27 for the NT. So 66 is supposedly an evil number because it has two 6's in it, but the 'evil' number is in fact of three 6's, and the bible with or without Paul's books does not tally to 666 books. What's more, the Bible at the time of Christ was the LXX which is made up of 54 books, so, plus the 27 and we do not have 66. What we have is 81. So their numerology is not a witship (science) but nitwit-ship.

It is thus not Paul that is twisting fact, but the Anti-Pauls! This argument they give proves the jewish nature of the movement's roots as it gives credence to the Masoritic text as if it is the real OT, how?

Quite simple, the movement insists on the so-call fact of 66 books. But the only Bible of 66 books is the one that uses the Masoritic text, a Pharisee, Rabbi, Jewish, Edomite, sect of Babylon who cobbled and bastardised the true OT into a Rabbinical dialect (wrongly called Hebrew) using an Assyrian alphabet, the so-called square Hebrew text (which the true Hebrews never used). Now that should send alarm bells ringing for every Israelite believer (and if it doesn't, then become a Buddhist or whatever).

The Bible that Jesus used was the LXX, so the true number of Biblical books is 81 and CAN NEVER be 66. 66 is only doable by using the Rabbinical rag called the Masoritic text in conjunction with the 27 NT books.

Conclusion; it is not the books of Paul you need to toss out, but the books of the swarthy-pig Rabbis!

Lastly, read the below...


By Pastor George Southwick

WE have to guard with jealous care “the faith once for all delivered unto the saints.” There are among us (ANGLO-CELTIC-SAXON ISRAEL IDENTITY) those who dishonor the Canon of Scripture by their criticisms of it, its integrity has been denied and its authority challenged. The Holy Spirit has been grieved thereby and withdrawn His actions from us. Pride of intellect and heart is responsible for it all. Surely, “an enemy hath done this!

For any Bible truth teacher-preacher to deny Paul’s Apostleship as spurious, calling him a “false Apostle”, an “extortioner,” etc., and also to claim Paul is related to the Herodian family Romans 16:11, (see: Art. ARISTOBULUS Hastings Dict. of the Bible Vol. 1 Page 148.) Therefore Paul’s ancestry is part EDOMITE is abominable conjecture. For any so-called Anglo Celtic-Saxon teacher-preacher to advance the idea that Paul’s struggle with “flesh” and “spirit” was between his EDOMITE FLESH and his ISRAELITE FLESH is worthy of severest censure. Nowhere does Paul say he is Edomite - rather quite the contrary. Philippians 3:1-7. BEWARE of those who contradict Paul and call him part Edomite. This is error!

For any Bible truth teacher-preacher who claims that Jesus prophesied in John 5:43 of the coming of Saul of Tarsus “in his own name” ... thus becoming a bombastic egotist because Paul used the term “I” so many times, is a most ridiculous theological position - BUT VERY DANGEROUS. In John 5:17 the word “them” means Jews who sought to kill Jesus. The whole passage is spoken to THEM ... THE JEWS NEVER HAVE RECEIVED PAUL TO THIS VERY DAY. It is the ISRAELITE HOSTS who have received Jesus AND Paul; for he wrote:. "Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ;"  - I Corinthians 11:1; Jews have neither followed Christ nor Paul!

For any Bible truth teacher-preacher to discredit second Peter as “spurious” and “doubtful” because of Chapter 3:15-16 shows an unwillingness to face up to the facts of the Canon. For 2 Peter 1:16 recognizes God’s Word as inerrant. Please note Robert Young’s opening paragraph in his LITERAL TRANSLATION OF THE BIBLE “Preface to the Revised Ed.” Among other things he states ... “there can be no reasonable ground for denying the inspiration of the N.T. by any one who holds that of the Old, or who is willing to take the plain unsophisticated meaning of God’s Word regarding either.”

What shall we do with those teachers who deny the veracity and authority of Paul’s Epistles, yet lay great stock in the book of Luke which admittedly is a product of the travelling companion of Paul? Certainly this makes such a teacher look foolish!

Three times Paul speaks of “MY GOSPEL” in his Epistles, Romans 2:16; 16:25, 2 Timothy 2:8. We find that ORIGEN, EUSEBIUS, and JEROME believed that Paul meant by this phrase the Gospel according to Luke. While earlier IRENAEUS wrote, “Luke the companion of Paul, committed to writing the gospel preached by the latter. Luke wrote TWO books, examination of LUKE’S GOSPEL reveals the Greek wording and doctrinal content are strongly Pauline in character. Surely a man is known by the company he keeps!

NOTE: Results of this ANTI-Paul position can become catastrophic as far as all that we hold spiritually dear. If we listen to any ANTI-PAULINE teacher and accept this position: what shall we do with William Pascoe Goard’s classic book on ROMANS? I for one will not discount the work and belief of worthies in Israel. I must be true to the testimony of the vast host of Identity Leaders. THEY REJECTED ERROR especially when it came to the veracity of the Canon, the revelation of God’s Word from Genesis clear to the Book of Revelation. I follow their footsteps - I reject this Anti Paul abomination! It will desolate your heart and life in New Creation realities and sever the flow of the Holy Spirit among God’s People Israel.

    1. To be Anti-Paul is to tear the living heart out of the New Testament. Paul is a Second Moses to the Israel people; he gives great explanations of the New Covenant of Jeremiah given to both Israel and Judah. Paul defends the LAW ... he does not discount it as dispensational teachers claim.


    1. To be Anti-Paul leaves a mighty void in human and spiritual history. For Augustine, Luther and Wesley all mark their conversion experience to words written by the Apostle Paul. And what shall we further say of the ten major men of the Protestant Reformation? Shall we strike all these from human history as “false” or “deceived” men? Shall we belittle them as following a false teacher? PAUL. The idea is preposterous!


    1. To be Anti Paul opens up a Pandora’s Box among people as to what is inspired in the Bible and what is not. The Canon is a sacred Ark, man’s unsanctified hands are not to touch it. Will this foolishness never end? QUESTIONING GOD’S WORD DENOTES UNBELIEF!


    1. To be Anti-Paul lays that person open to the full force of Rationalism, Modernism, and “doubt” far worse than any NEO-ORTHODOXY ever dreamed of!


    1. To be Anti-Paul is an outright denial of the Providence of God in settling and arranging the Canon of Scripture as we know it. Of this Scripture the God of Israel is most jealous! The whole question is: MAN’S MOUTH versus GOD’S WORD!


    1. To be Anti-Paul claiming he has no corroborating witness to his “conversion” and that it would not stand up in Court today is merely rank conjecture. Moses had no corroborating witness when he saw the Burning Bush! If we discount the one ... why not the other? This is inconsistency drawn out!


    1. Denial of Paul’s Apostleship is in accord with modern Rationalism, Deism, and the Freethinkers school. ALL approach the Scripture with a MODERN SCIENTIFIC MIND! All this is in accord with the German School of destructive higher criticism of the Old Testament. So now Anglo-Celtic-Saxon Israel is invaded with so-called teachers who will finish the job of “unbelief” in Israel by working over the Epistles of Paul. What “folly in Israel!” All this is antagonistic to the spiritual Evangelical position in Israel and much more in accord with the Liberal Modernists of our present day.


    1. To be Anti-Paul is outright denial of the heart of the New Testament as we know it. This “view” the rank and file of Christians on the North American Continent will not accept! Here is the open door through which Anglo-Celtic-Saxon Israel Identity people enter into the charge of “CULT.” And I believe the charge would be justifable. Either believe the Bible ... or reject it in part, or in toto - that is the basic question. The ATHEIST is more honourable than “certain teachers who have crept in unawares”. Atheists REJECT the Bible wholly, not in part!


    1. To be Anti-Paul incurs the WRATH of Fundamentalists against the Kingdom Teaching. It gives them a theological ATOM BOMB to blow the AngloCeltic-Saxon message to smithereens. This doctrine plays into their hands.


  1. Anti-Paul doctrine is anti-supernatural in a respect not only to the conversion of Paul, but of any one’s conversion and testimony. If Paul was not converted in the light of internal evidence then nobody is converted.


And now we come to the nitty-gritty. To be an Israelite born into this world is not enough! Such doctrine violates all Scripture of Old and New Testaments. Israel collective and individual are called to “repent and believe the Gospel.

These are just a few reasons....

2 Thessalonians 3:14 - “And if any man obey not our word by this epistle, [note that man] and have no company with him, that he may be ashamed.

2 Peter 3:15-16 - “...our beloved brother Paul also according to the wisdom given unto him hath written unto you; as also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction.

Paul wrote to Corinthian believers of the many ADVERSARIES who were opposing his work; in writing to Philippian believers he identified many as ENEMIES OF THE CROSS: and to Roman believers (Israelites) he spoke of those who were ENEMIES OF THE GOSPEL.

The Apostle Peter in his second Epistle has a remarkable discussion of false prophets, 2:1-3, cf: 1 Peter 4:14. The word translated “evil spoken of” is translated BLASPHEMEO. The denial of Paul and his Epistles would bring down the wrath of Peter upon any Bible truth teacher’s head as teaching “DESTRUCTIVE HERESIES” in the light of Peter’s words concerning “our beloved brother Paul”.

Concerning Paul’s terrible indictment of the Jews I Thessalonians 2:15-16 should cause us to realize that he (Paul) was “more up to date” than most Christian people today! It is simply Incredible that so-called Kingdom Israel teacher-preachers would deny this.