Evolution - Revolution


by Pastor Don Elmore

December 23, 2012

Scripture Reading: 1 Timothy 6:20-21

What is a belief that is falsely called science?  Evolution.  It is the basis of a false religion.  Let me ask you a question:  What is the next step in evolution?  Where does it end?  The Bible talks about Creationism, not evolution.  God tells the truth about your past, so you can trust him for what He says about your future!  The Bible says that this commonly used chart is incorrect.

Evolution:  A long time ago in a pool of goo, lightening or something happened, which began to produce DNA and started the process whereby life began.  The process slowly evolved into mankind.  Sorry, but this is not true at all.

The Georgia Guide Stones outside of Atlanta, Georgia tells what they, the non-Bible believers, want to do.  They have engraved in stone in different languages that they need to reduce the population of the earth from 7,000,000,000 to 500,000,000 people. They believe that it would be easier to rule over ½ a billion people rather than the current world population of over 7 billion.

Evolution:  God didn’t make us; chance did.  There is a religion behind evolution; humanism; that worships the beauty of creation with no creator.  Charles Darwin wrote his famous book, The Origin of the Species, and it was first published in 1859.


Evolution:  God didn’t make us; chance did.  There is a religion behind evolution; humanism; that worships the beauty of creation with no creator.  Charles Darwin wrote his famous book, The Origin of the Species, and it was first published in 1859.



This symbol for evolution is the same as what is now on many Bibles.




The new chart of evolution tells where man is headed.  He is headed to godhood.  If you don’t believe that this is possible, then let me tell you what is happening in the world today.

Manly Hall, the brilliant freemason, wrote in The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Pages 158-159 about evolution:  “The occultists of the ancient world had a most remarkable understanding of the principle of evolution.  They recognized all life as being in various stages of becoming.  They believed that …human creatures were in the process of becoming planets;….” 

In the ancient mystery religions, planets meant the gods of the heavens who ruled over planet earth.  So, what Manly Hall was saying was that human kind would eventually become gods.   

In The Aquarian Conspiracy by Marilyn Ferguson she talks about evolution.  She describes in her new age book the following about mankind:

  • “Human metamorphoses”
  • “Emerging man”
  • “New person”
  • “Homo novus, a new human being”

So, what Marilyn Ferguson was saying was that human kind would eventually become gods.

Rosicrucian doctrine says that “the manner and the means by which the present-day man is transformed into the Divine Superman.  This symbol – Christian Rose Cross—shows the end and aim of human evolution; -- the solution of the World Mystery – Man’s past evolution, present constitution, and particularly the secret of his future development.”

At the core of their belief is that man is going to evolve into a god.

Let’s look at the comic book entitled Superman.  He came from a planet called, Krypton; which means “secret” or “mystery.”  He was from a race of beings that were superior to us:  “faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive.”  And how many children remember the saying, “Look, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no its SUPERMAN.”  He becomes a god.  Superman, alias Clark Kent, eventually mates with Lois Lane and has a hybrid baby.

Daniel 2:42-43 “And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the (fourth) kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken. 

And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall MINGLE THEMSELVES WITH THE SEED OF MEN:  but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.”

What does this mean?  The iron mixed with clay means that someone will have relations with the daughters of men—which will produce hybrids.   The same thing that Manly Hall, of the Freemasons; Marilyn Ferguson, of the new agers, the Rosicrucian’s, of the mystery religion;  and Superman all taught. 

Genesis 3:1 “Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made.  And he [serpent] said unto the woman, YEA, HATH GOD SAID, YE SHALL NOT EAT OF EVERY TREE OF THE GARDEN?”  (14 words)

Genesis 3:4-5 “And the serpent said unto the woman, YE SHALL NOT SURELY DIE:


The serpent deceived the woman, Eve, with the belief that she could become a god.  How many words did he (the serpent) use?  [14 + 32 = 46]   Forty-six is the number of chromosomes each normal, healthy persons has. 

Mark 4 tells us about the parable of the sower.  What did the sower sow?  Verse 14 tells us that “The sower soweth the WORD.”   The Serpent sowed his corruptible word which lie is still being told; in fact, it is the secret of every clandestine organization. 

This is the Grand Lodge of Freemasonry which is located in Washington, DC.  It is like a Greek Temple; with 36 columns that support this Greek structure plus 10 steps that go up the pyramid on the top of the building; 36 + 10 equals 46.  Forty-six is again the number of chromosomes of a normal, healthy offspring.



How many degrees can you earn in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry:  33 degrees?  How many degrees can you earn in the York Rite of Freemasonry:  13 degrees?  Again we have 33 + 13 = 46.   

The men on the bottom walk up the steps and ascend – just like evolution teaches.



Then there are the two pillars in each Freemasonic Lodge.  One pillar has the heavens over it; while the other has the earth above it.  Each pillar is the same height—23 cubits each.

Twenty-three plus twenty-three equals forty-six!






In Time Magazine this year we had the article about “2045 The Year Man Becomes Immortal”.  Just 33 years away.  Could that happen?

Have you heard about a Humanzee?  A mixture of a chimpanzee and a human!  I caught on television last week one of the conspiracy shows that Jesse Ventura and his staff were a part of.  The conspiracy:  Manimal Conspiracy! 

In the show they tell “Jesse, they’re creating these things called chimeras:  two different species of animals into one.  Jesse, they’ve created pigs and they got human blood flowing through their bodies.  Mice with human brains.  There’s all types of stuff going on out there.  This is the kind of stuff we’re worried about.”  Jesse seems shocked, but apparently he’s heard of such hybridization projects before.  “This sounds like a bunch of science fiction, but it’s real,” Jesse says.  “I heard about these experiments in Shanghai about 10 years ago.  Scientists growing embryos-- part human, part rabbit. And that was just the beginning.”

It was the Soviet dictator, Joseph Stalin’s, dream:  Soldiers with no fear, with superhuman strength and endurance, who would follow any order, eat anything, and ignore pain or injury; workers who could do the labor of ten men without complaint, with no thought of personal time off, and no desire for pay.  A force to carry the Soviet Union through its Five-Year Plan for economic development, and to make the nation invincible in war.  Stalin's goal, according to modern mythology, was no less than a slave race of scientifically bred beings that were half human and half ape; a race he hoped would combine tremendous physical strength, dumb loyalty, and a human's ability to follow direction and perform complex tasks.

“Would they be able to create a humanzee platoon?” Jesse asks.  One of the men replies that there already is evidence that indicates chimpanzees create platoons and guard territory on their own, without human cross-breeding.   “Now, could they actually, with their brain power, rise up and oppose us?  Could they become an enemy?  Much like the film …Planet of the ApesCould that be a reality?” asks Jesse.  “I think any time you play god with genes, bad things could happen,” says the man.  “If they’re successful, we’re looking at something that could conquer us and take over?” asks Jesse.  “Absolutely,” replies the man.

It seems Jesse’s concluded his investigation a little unnerved by the “Manimal Conspiracy.”  “Not too long ago, I would have told you that Planet of the Apes was a good work of fiction.  But after what we’ve found out, it’s starting to look like the future.  Scientific research can be a good thing, but science in the hands of the wrong people, can be a disaster.  You’ve got one of the top watchdogs telling me we have to trust Congress.  Congress to keep an eye on Dr. Frankenstein working behind locked doors?  I say, good luck!  And don’t be cruel to animals, it could come back to bite you.  I’m Jesse Ventura, and this is Conspiracy Theory.” 

Juan Enriquez wrote an article entitled: Get Ready for a New Human Species.  His answer to the question:  Why Do You Think There Is Going To Be A New Human Species is given below?

“The new human species is one that begins to engineer the evolution of viruses, plants, animals, and itself.  As we do that, Darwin’s rules get significantly bent, and sometimes even broken.  By taking direct and deliberate control over our evolution, we are living in a world where we are modifying stuff according to our desires

If you turned off the electricity in the United States, you would see millions of people die quickly, because they wouldn’t have asthma medications, respirators, insulin, a whole host of things we invented to prevent people from dying.  Eventually, we get to the point where evolution is guided by what we’re engineering.  That‘s a big deal.  Today’s plastic surgery is going to seem to me very mild as to what is compared to what’s coming.”

Remember what was happening before the flood of Noah:

Genesis 6:12-13 “And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt, for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.

And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.”

Genesis 6:9 “These are the generations of Noah:  Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.”

There was much mingling of man’s seed in the flood of Noah!  It will happen again.

We are beginning to see an array of products that utilize the “evolve” name and symbols.  Here are a few of them:


Verifone VX Evolution

Evolve Automotive


Evolve Fishing Equipment


Gatorade’s drink started in 1965, but now has evolved in 2010 to a new drink.   The commercial starts with grainy black & white footage of wooden tennis rackets, peach baskets and other outdated examples of how sports used to be played. Quinn's voice bursts onto the track singing "if you want a revolution, the only solution, evolve" as popular athletes such as Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan and Peyton Manning are shown in action. Gatorade then promises to take athletes to the next level with the new three-part G Series, which adds drinks specially made for pre- and post-workout use to Gatorade's existing product line.

There are even many churches which are using evolution and evolve topics as the main focus of their church. 

The advent of evolutionary Christianity:

Panel #4:  “Evolving Church”:  Vosper, McLaren, Lawton, Sanguin, Morgenthaler

Do you notice the Christian fish symbol over the top of the old fish creature?  Two of the five speakers are women.

Evolve Student Ministries:

Do you notice the half-circle over the first “e” and the half-circle under the “o”; As above, so below?

"Evolve Students is the junior high and high school ministries of the Evolve Church.  Our goal is to create a place where students can connect with God and one another in a fun, safe environment.  But we're not about keeping our connection in doors.  In addition to our weekly student gathering, SWITCH, every month we have student events and service projects in the community that give our students the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  We believe that at Evolve Students, change happens.  And that change isn't just evident at church, but in our city, community and neighborhood.          

SWITCH is the Wednesday night service at Evolve that is designed specifically with students in mind.  From the music, to the videos, to the preaching, SWITCH is all about giving students the opportunity to connect with a real God who loves them and real friends that challenge and encourage them."

Do you notice the “Switch” logo?  Two half-circles with the circle in the middle.   

Evolve Church


    Did not notice that the word love is spelled backward in “Evolve;” that makes it the same as spiritual “harlotry.”


    And we have a host of Evolve or Revolution  ministries with the word “Love” spelled backward.  For one example, look at the ministry of Joyce Myers:

    Romans 1:28 “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;…”

    What did God do to them?  God turned them over to a Reprobate mind.  How many people have been turned over to such a mind?

    What is the major difference in what we believe as compared to the other Christian (?) churches?  It is God’s unconditional covenant and his conditional covenants that God made with our fathers and with us. 

    The American President John Quincy Adams (1825-1829) thought that, “Masonry ought forever to be abolished”.  He stated:  “It is wrong – essentially wrong – a seed of evil, which can never produce any good.  The existence of such an order is a foul blot upon the morals of a community.”

    Freemasonry continues to plague us in many ways.  Globalism is the same old communism but in different form.  The chief goal is to destroy national consciousness and true Christian doctrine.  True Christianity doctrine contains the truth about the covenant that our GOD made with our fathers.

    This is why Pastor Blanchard’s new book is so important.  Please read Book One and later on read the other six books when they are printed.  What a great truth we have.  It is important that we know why it is so important that the enemy has stolen it from us. 

    Here are God’s unconditional promises made to Abram/Abraham, then to Isaac his son, and then to Jacob/Israel his grandson, and then later to his (Jacob/Israel’s) seed (the elect of God):

    1. He would become a great nation (Genesis 12:2). 
    2.  All the families of the earth would be blessed in him (Genesis 12:3). 
    3. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s physical descendants would possess the land of Canaan (Genesis 13:14-15). 
    4. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s physical descendants would become many people (Genesis 13:16; 15:1-5). 
    5. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s physical descendants would become many nations (Genesis 17:5-6). 
    6. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s physical descendants would produce kings (Genesis 17:6).  
    7. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s physical descendants would possess the gate of their enemies (Genesis 22:17). 

    Blessed be the LORD God of Israel.