Choose God’s Law-Order

By Matthew Luckey

I find myself arguing with conservative—i.e. establishment New Republican Party “conservatives”—on a regular basis over so-called “free market capitalism.” Many of these new-conservatives are east coast Jew transplants to San Francisco. This has become a kosher rite-of-passage since Bronx, Brooklyn, and Lower East Side Jews came to San Francisco in the 1940s to lead the beatnik movement, and then the Hippies in the 1960s. In those days Izzy Epstein advocated leftism; now he pushes free market fundamentalism. As you well know, the Cainites are famous for their hat-switching prowess. Their brand of conservative tells them they can take all the drugs they want, indulge in elicit deranged sex with whomever; of whatever they want, and rob the widow and orphan for as much as they like, as long as thy have enough filthy lucre to get the job done.

A pure Jew mindset.

These kinds of “conservatives” are like the worst of both worlds” the bastard offspring resulting from an unholy union between the worst traits of 1980s “greed is good”, “Me Generation.” We get hedonistic self-indulgence of the free sex drug culture of the 60s minus the social conscience for the poor and powerless; and we get the economic hedonism of the Reaganite 80s minus the Christian morality. The worst of the worst of both Left and Right spliced together to from the perfect philosophy of pure licentiousness: Libertarianism.

I tell these oily Kosher Kapitalists libertarianism is not truly a conservative and traditionalist position. In fact capitalism has historically been a force of revolution to overthrow traditional authority and replace it with the lawless bourgeois authority of the Jew shopkeeper and usurer. Capitalism is in actuality a liberal cause; it represents economic liberalism just as gay rights, feminism, and miscegenation represent political and social liberalism.

“Liberal,” as in liberalizing all authority away from Biblical Christian authority.

These Judeo-cons respond by striking the usual sanctimonious posture, moralizing on the virtues of competition, free enterprise, and the rugged individualism of Jew pawnbrokers; as if they were reciting talking points rush-delivered from the Hoover Institute.

I say, “Look, take a board game like Monopoly, would you call this an example of competition?”

“Of course,” answers Izzy Epstein.

“And what’s the goal of Monopoly?”

“To win.”

Exactly my point. NO MORE COMPETITION. The purpose of completion is to eliminate competition. It is merely a transitional stage to the real point of the game, TO WIN! Competition is not the end, it is only the means in the name of rugged individualism, you want to make permanent competition the goal. Bu this is only what you say. The truth is capitalism is a philosophy for redistribution of wealth, redistributing White people’s wealth to you Jews; “competition” is what you call the means of accomplish this.”

Izzy’s jowls shiver excitedly as he mops the guilty sweat from his brow with a stained handkerchief. “But your example is merely a game and Monopoly at that. As you well know the state prohibits monopolies and regulates companies to keep them from becoming so successful they eat up all the little fish companies, thereby ending competition.”

“So the government is here to protect capitalism from itself,” I say. “To keep it from becoming what it truly is.“

Jew blinks, “You could put it that way.”

“There you go. You say you want to artificially introduce state regulation to keep capitalism from being what it is, which is an implicit admission you yourself don’t believe in capitalism, that it can’t be trusted to be what it is. This doesn't sound like the voice of a fiscal conservative advocate of less government. You sound more like one those feminist little league coaches who want to eliminate wining from team sports so players don’t develop low self-esteem…”

I wish fake conservative like these Jews would stop perpetuating the lie that capitalism = competition. Even thy don’t believe big government should not regulate the financial system They just want their surrogates in the government to regulate the economy so that it benefits their fellow money hungry Jews, and so that it functions as a system of social engineering to control the behavior of White Christians. They propagate this Horatio Alger fairy tale about everyone being able to compete and become Bill Gates, in order to keep the goy peasant from revolting and taking a back their God –given inheritance....

Capitalism is the principle the worst reprobate sinner should be liberated on society unrestrained to follow no law but his own self-interest. Judeo-capitalism is antinomian at heart just as is Judeo-Kristianity. Reject socialism! Reject capitalism! Choose God’s Law-Order.