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Deception on Identifying Israel, Part Two

By Jim Jester

Complete series available in book format:  Will the Real Israel Please Stand Up?

In Part 1 of this series I proved who the imposters were who claimed to be Israel from their own words and the Bible. I now want to set them aside and give you more history of the real Israel (not the counterfeit one or the “spiritual” one). My source for the historical information is “The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Found” by Steven M. Collins, 1995; now out of print. He stressed the importance of this subject in the Introduction to his book.

Since the Bible is adamant that the ten tribes of Israel would survive, be multiplied, and be identifiable nations in the latter days, those Christians who assert that the ten tribes of Israel “died out” or “cannot be located in the modern world” unwittingly call God a liar.

A Hero Of The American Revolution

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February 2009

A Hero of the American Revolution

by Pastor Don Elmore



During the days of the American Revolution, the names of the heroes, on both sides, are well known.  From the text-books in the schools to movies to TV-documentaries the names of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Robert Morris, John Adams, etc., are constantly put before the minds of the Americans. 

In all of my years in school and later in personal study, I never came across the name of the person who is considered as one of the most important men in the battle for America’s Freedom:  “a hero of the American Revolution” until recently. This person has not been one who has gained the limelight of the media—in fact, the media has shied away from acknowledging this otherwise famous person.  Why?