The Unholy Seed

Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

Part 1: Who were the enemies of God's people from Adam to Jacob?  There were no "Jews" until Esau and they weren't called "Jews" until many, many years later.

Part 2: "Judeo-Christianity"  Many ordinary people are ignorant of the differences between Christianity and Judeo-Christianity.  Do you know?  If you don't, please read this sermon.

Part 3:  "Broken Arrow"  The movie Broken Arrow was made in 1950.  Its main star was Jimmy Stewart.  But some of the rest of the cast, along with its screenwriter, as well as the story had some very  strange and fictional scenes. Learn about who was in the cast and what was wrong with the story.

Part 4:  "Unite" Israel screamed, sang and danced while Moses was up on the mount for a longer time than anticipated.  Is that what Lucifer is trying to get Israel to do today?  Even the United Nations has joined with the music festival in Belgium by giving them a plaque which says they are in agreement in what the music festival is doing.

Part 5:  "The Richest Man in the 19th Century"  In the 1800s, we learn a lot about America's War Between the States.  But what was going on in the rest of the world was even more critical to today's major problems.  Great Britain and the Jews set up an evil alliance that humiliated an entire nation.  Most of the world is unaware of what happened.

Part 6: "The Lone Colonel" This past week was something in Northern Kentucky.  The students from Covington Catholic High School who went on a March for Life in Washington, DC were vilified by a short video that was made at the Lincoln Memorial.  The students were waiting for the bus to take them home.   There was an Indian group and the Black Hebrew Israelites who were there, too.  Guess who was sent death threats?

Part 7: "The American Drug Dealers"  America's and Europe's main fortunes were inherited from the China opium trade that lasted for about 100 years.  It was ended in just four years.  Where did the jewish drug cartel go after China was no more?

Part 8: "In the Beginning" This message tells of some of the reasons why I am not a Roman Catholic or a Judeo-Christian.    It is simply a matter of believing what the Word says versus what the other individuals god(s) say.  It is a contest; it is war.

Part 9:  "The One Religion" Most churches in America are changing.  Baptist churches are not the same that they were 100 years ago; nor are the Presbyterian churches, Methodist, Episcopal, etc.  They have changed...some drastically.  Many have gone from being Calvinistic, to Arminian, to Judeo-Christian, to Hindu-Judeo-Christian.  Most Christian churches now believe many Hindu doctrines.  They are going in the wrong direction.

Part 10:  "What's Wrong with Calvinism?"  In the early days of our White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Nation, there were very few Roman Catholics and Jews who were citizens in our nation.  Maryland and Pennsylvania were the two states that had the most number of Catholics.  But now, Protestants and Catholics are Arminian, with very few Calvinist.  While most Protestant churches were Calvinist in the early days of our nation.  What happened?  And they both correct?  They can't both be right, since they are opposite views.  Are they both wrong?

Part 11: "The Canaanites"  Who was Canaan?  Why was he cursed?  Why was he cursed for the second time?  Who was Mizraim?  What did they both do in the history of Israel?

Part 12: "Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz" Do you know what the holidays of Christmas, Easter are all about?  There is no Scripture that tells us to celebrate the birth or the holiday with eggs, rabbits and a universal salvation.  If this is true, why do the majority of Christians celebrate these holidays?

Part 13:  "Which Side?"  Do you remember Kate Smith.  Is she a racist?  Do you remember Israel Isidore Beline?  Read and find out who he was.

Part 14:  "Who is a Jew?"  Was Dylan Klebold Jewish or not Jewish?  You read and decide for yourself.  And who were the shooters of the STEM high school that was just seven miles from Columbine High School.  Do you know that the much of the case has been sealed by a judge?

Part 15:  "The Goddess of America"  Did God have each member of His chosen family marry acceptable wives to  keep the bloodline pure? That is the question that the Bible has much to say as it gives its answer.  And  that is what the world doesn't want to hear and is trying to nullify.

Part 16:  "Are We Modern-Day Sodom?"  Which side are you on?  Do you believe what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah and the other three neighboring cities?  Or are you in agreement with today's current supporters of LGBTQ?  “Sola Scriptura”, the cry of the Protestant Revolution.  What the Word of God says is how we are to live our lives.  Obey His commands and you shall be blessed.

Part 17:  "Does God Welcome All?"  "God welcomes all" is the cry of the LGBTQ+ churches, because they say, wrongly, that God loves everybody so they must love everybody. If God loves everyone, then this includes lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trangendered, and other queer behavior. But does God love everyone? This sermon will give you verses that show that God does not.