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2000 Fetuses At Buddhist Temple


Associated Press

On the grounds of a Buddhist temple, dozens of white plastic bags lay in carefully arranged rows.  Each sack was knotted at the top and contained the remains of a fetus.

Thai authorities found about 2000 remains in the temple's mortuary, where they had been hidden for a year -- apparently to conceal illegal abortions.

A strong stench had drawn police to the temple in Bangkok's old city Tuesday, and authorities  searching the mortuary -- where bodies awaiting cremation are normally kept -- initially found more than 300 fetuses.  They returned Friday to find more than 5 times that number, according to police Lt. Col. Kanathud Musiganont.

Health officials, police and charity workers counted the fetuses, placing each one in a white plastic bag bearing the charity's name in red Thai script and Chinese characters.

As the remains were laid out, Buddhist worshippers left offerings for the fetuses:  milk and bananas to nourish their spirits in the afterlife.

The Death Of Our Saviour


By Pastor Don Elmore

If you look at a Roman Catholic crucifix, have you ever wondered if it pictured the right thing—in other words, does it depict what our Savior looked like during his death? And the same goes for the many Protestant pictures of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Was it true that His skin remained smooth and that that He lost very little blood from the crown of thorns on His head and the side wound where He was stabbed and the nail imprintment on the hands and feet. But how does this fit in with the many scriptures like is found in Isaiah 52:14— "As many were astonied at thee:His visage [outward appearance] was SO MARRED MORE THAN ANY MAN, and his form more than the sons of men:…”The crucifix along with the pictures does not teach this at all.

The Death of our Savior, Part 2

By Pastor Don Elmore

He was born on a farm in England.  Seeking adventure he journeyed to Vienna and joined a company of cavalry fighting the Turks.  His natural talents as a soldier were early recognized and he was promoted to captain of company of 250 men.  At that time the Christian armies were fighting the Mohammedan armies at the very gates of Vienna in the heart of Europe.

The champion fighter of all the Turkish armies challenged the champion of the Christian armies to single combat.  He was chosen to represent the Christians.

Meeting on level ground, the two champions spurred their horses at each other, his lance passed through the head of his Saracen opponent.  Quickly severing the Turk’s head, he rode from the battlefield with the grisly trophy held high on the point of his lance.

Early Coca-Cola Ad

Can you believe this?  I would like to see the laboratory tests which proved that your child has a much higher chance of gaining acceptance and "fitting in" during those awkward pre-teen and teen years and is GUARANTEED HAPPINESS--their solution:  Give your infant coca-cola?

And now it is even worse--High Fructose Corn Syrup and aspartame.