Five Hundred Years Since the Reformation

By Jim Jester

500th Anniversary of the Reformation

Part 1: We live in a day of dearth of sound doctrine – a famine of “hearing the words of Yahweh” (Amos 8:11). Bible doctrine and correct theology was the driving force of the Protestant Reformation, and it ought to be so today. But sadly, most churches do not preach sound doctrine.

Part 2:  Most of the Reformers missed the racial significance of God’s Covenant. A supposed Reformed minister criticizes three Christian Identity pastors. A response in their defense comes from Sacred Truth Ministries. How do we know that Christian Identity is correct?

Part 3:  What we should expect from national leaders. A glimpse into heroism. A look at ethno-nationalism in the scriptures and quotes pertaining to nationalism by some of the Reformers. What happens to churches that do not maintain their theological foundations.