October 2011


by Pastor Don Elmore

August 28, 2011

Vitamin water is very deceptive.  For it is really sugar water with artificial ingredients masquerading as fruits.  For example:  the kiwi – strawberry vitamin water is sugar water with artificial ingredients masquerading as the kiwi and strawberries.  It has no kiwi and strawberries in the beverage and its vitamin A is artificial, too. Even the lawyers of the manufacturer, Coca-Cola, admitted that vitamin water was not beneficial for the consumers to drink.

The same is true for many of the things that are advertised for us to buy.  Another example is Kellogg and Betty Crocker products that advertise that they contain blueberries.  We all know that real blueberries are full of antioxidants and are very beneficial to the consumer, but for the love of huge profits – look at what they do.  The blueberries that they advertise as being in their cereals, muffins, cookies, cakes, etc. are artificial:  made up of Red Dye #50, Blue Dye #1 and in some cases, also Blue Dye #2.  For those who have children who are ADD or ADHD should avoid at all cost the red dye.   Who would ever expect red dye in a product made with Blueberries?  You need to read the labels – some will find this to be a real shocker; possibly life saving!

The food and drink companies constantly advertise their products as being healthy; but in reality it is nothing more than junk food or beverage.  The same is true in political and spiritual matters.  What are a lot of our national congressmen and congress ladiesdoing the last couple of weeks?  Where are John Hagee and Glen Beck?  They are in Israeli enjoying an all-expense paid vacation to the promise land of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!  AIPAC is the paying sponsor.  Glen Beck is holding his “Courage” campaign in Israeli with both Christians (?) and Jews in the filled audiences.  Glen Beck is seen (on YouTube) asking an Ashkenazi Rabbi to come to his meeting on last Thursday (August 25th) to give a prayer for Israeli.  There are videos of Glen Beck and John Hagee giving their speeches along with several Rabbis.  All are applauded loudly.

Does this make you angry?  How mad does this make you? 

The Ancestors of Eustace Mullins

by Pastor Don Elmore

Eustace Mullins, who just recently died, was an unique individual.  He who studied to be an artist originally, through a series of events, became one of the greatest students and writers of American and world history.  Not the ordinary history that is available in most textbooks—but the real history that is only found by spending a lot of time digging it out in the libraries (at least in the time in which Eustace live).

He wrote over a dozen books which featured his work for Ezra Pound, who was put in an insanity house for 13 years.  His first assignment was to find information on the Federal Reserve.  At the time, Eustace stated he didn’t even  know  what  it  was.  Ezra  told him to take out a dollar bill.  Eustace took out a dollar from his wallet and saw the words:  “Federal Reserve Note.”  This was the beginning of an amazing career.