The Ancestors of Eustace Mullins

by Pastor Don Elmore

Eustace Mullins, who just recently died, was an unique individual.  He who studied to be an artist originally, through a series of events, became one of the greatest students and writers of American and world history.  Not the ordinary history that is available in most textbooks—but the real history that is only found by spending a lot of time digging it out in the libraries (at least in the time in which Eustace live).

He wrote over a dozen books which featured his work for Ezra Pound, who was put in an insanity house for 13 years.  His first assignment was to find information on the Federal Reserve.  At the time, Eustace stated he didn’t even  know  what  it  was.  Ezra  told him to take out a dollar bill.  Eustace took out a dollar from his wallet and saw the words:  “Federal Reserve Note.”  This was the beginning of an amazing career.

Eustace wrote more books about the evils of vaccinations, the curse that was placed upon Canaan and many books on the creation of the Federal Reserve System.  They all are related and most Americans do not know of their connection.  Eustace was amazed at what he found while studying in the United States Congressional Library—He even found a pamphlet that told of the infamous Jekyll Island meeting.

While listening to some of Eustace’s many interviews of YouTube, I heard an interesting tidbit from the person who was introducing Eustace.  After hearing this statement, I immediately checked it out and was astonished to find that that it was true. 

Eustace Mullins is a direct descendant from William Mullins (Molines) and his wife Alice who came to America in 1620 traveling on the Mayflower!  William Mullins was one of the men who helped write and also was the 10th signer of the Mayflower Compact.

They were French Huguenots who lived in England.  They suffered for their religious beliefs and  eventually decided that America was the place that they could go and live in peace.  They originally got on the boat, Speedwell, that eventually had to be left in England for repairs, as all the pilgrims had to travel on the Mayflower

Tragically, both William and his wife, died the first winter in Plymouth, Massachusetts—1620-1621.  They had two daughters  and  two  sons.   One  son  and  one  daughter remained in England; the other two children came with them to the Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Priscilla, their daughter, married John Alden shortly after they arrived in the New World —1622.  They had 12 children.

I think that William and Alice would be happy to know that one of their descendants was Eustace Mullins.