My Perspective

by Pastor Don Elmore

My Response to the Article: The Ministry of Truth Opens June 21st

What is the main battle in life? Is it who wins the Super Bowl? Who wins the Championship? Who wins the election? Is it left verses the right? Progressive verses Conservatism? Communism verses Democracy? How much money will you make? Will you marry the prettiest girl? What is it?

It is the truth that is exposed in the Bible. Most of our people do not read the Bible, so they don’t know. Of the people that read the Bible, many are misled by mistakes in the translations. Most of our people are force fed these mistakes in sermons from their churches that are not really even true churches anymore.

The Ministry of Truth is just another nail in our coffin. Other nails include:

  • We fought a war for Democracy, yet we pledge allegiance to a Republic.
  • We fought a war against our brothers, yet we fought alongside atheists.

Our nation started as a Protestant nation. In its very beginning it was not tolerant of Roman Catholics and Jews. They, like their ancestors in Europe, distrusted them. They didn’t expel them as they did in Europe but they forbid either of these two groups of people from holding office or voting. And now, in less than 200 years it has completely reversed. Roman Catholics/Jesuits and Jews make up the majority of the Congress and the entire Supreme Court.

So, what is the main battle in life? Esau verses Jacob. Jew/Roman Catholic verses Christian. The Talmud verses the Bible. It is a battle to the death. Only one side will survive.