March 2017

Amazon Bans Books

By Don Elmore

March 2017 New Covenant Messenger

Shortly after Amazon banned the selling of the Confederate flag, Jewish organizations put the pressure on the company to ban all books which denied the holocaust. Rabbi Mendy Cohen of Sacramento, said: “To deny the holocaust is a mask of blatant anti-Semitism.” This hatred of the German merchandise goes even further. They are calling for the removal of all Nazi memorabilia. The Rabbi continued his onslaught by saying: “When you have darkness, you don’t add a broom to kick out the darkness. You add in light.” (Lucifer = light; ed.).

Wait a minute! Didn’t the officials of Auschwitz lower the amount of Jewish deaths on their “official plaque” that is outside the concentration camp from six million to four million to now just one of a half million? And these weren’t just Jewish deaths, but all the different people that were put in concentration camps: homosexuals, gypsies, Communists, Jehovah Witnesses, Freemasons, and government enemies. And that number is still too high.

Christian Identity Imprecation Against Fake News


Sermon notes of Pastor Mark Downey

March 5, 2017

Scripture Reading: Psalms 58:3-11

A call to prayer and fasting from March 23 to May 1, 2017 for the Court of Divine Justice dealing with the Mainstream Media covering up the greatest pedophile ring in history.

Enough is enough. The horrible abuse of power is so far gone that there is no political spine to address the problem of how we receive information. Even with the election of Donald Trump, the Mainstream Media (MSM) is out of control, although it is very much controlled by an insidious group of madmen. Most of Christendom is totally unaware of the Court of Divine Justice, for lack of a better term, whereby we have an appellate jurisdiction when all else fails. When Moses could not adjudicate an impasse of the Law, he had recourse to take it directly to God to reconcile. I could sit back and watch America being raped and plundered, but that's just not me. And I don't think that's the position of many White Christian Americans. But a lot of folks are flustered as to what to do. Yes, prayer is fine and dandy, but we can go one step further in what's called imprecatory prayer, which is a curse upon the enemies of God.


By Matthew Luckey

I fail to understand widespread support of libertarianism.

Libertarians hate the idea of America. They consider borders a frivolous limitation on the free flow of markets. Immigrant labor should be able to move anywhere in the world where capitalists refuse to pay a living wage to their own countrymen. They believe “America” should simply be the name for an open space to sell stuff, like that old drive-in theater that doubles as a flea market on the weekend.