January 2016

How Can We Have Victory?


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

January 17, 2016

2 Chronicles 15:9-15

What did the Kingdom of Judah do which enabled themto have rest from their enemies?  They made a covenant with their LORD God; just like the Vortrekkers of South Africa did in 1838. This covenant gave the covenant seed of Jacob/Israel another miraculous victory; one that saved their race from complete annihilation in South Africa by the Zulus.

In fact, the covenant that Judah and many of the righteous people of the House of Israel, who had come to Judah, was a covenant with a death penalty attached with it.  Any person who failed to participate in making this covenant was to be put to death.  It was a serious covenant that each person who was living in Judah made.