November 2015

Deception in Our Seminaries

By Ed Sommerville

Back in the twenties, the great Christian Industrialist, Henry Ford, after writing his four-volume book, The International Jew, said at that time there wasn’t a Christian seminary in the country that had not been penetrated by the Zionists.  I am sure that what you’re about to read is not an isolated case as these erroneous and new doctrines are taught in all the fundamental and Evangelical churches today.

Kingdom Parables

God gave the prophets “Parables” to encourage the covenant people about their redemption and their future.  When Jesus Christ came, the people had no priests or prophets who were faithful or believed in the Lord.  Again, He gave them parables to keep the enemies from understanding.  However in the followers of Christ, these parable gave pictures of hope about the fulfilling process of the kingdom work during this time.