September 2014

Is Your Church Unincorporated?

By Pastor Everett Ramsey

How did the state of Nebraska bring a civil action against the Faith Baptist Church?  How did the pastor wind up in jail and the deacons come in jeopardy?  All good questions since the Constitution protects religion and individuals.  A simple answer is we were incorporated under the laws of Nebraska.  I was the president of the corporation and the deacons were the officers and trustees.  Incorporation of churches began about seventy years ago, all stemming from wrong motives:  Denominations started mission churches including investing money and time.  To protect their investments, they incorporated and put the new assets of the new churches in the corporation to prevent them from being taken in the event the young work failed or in the event the people decided to break off from the mother denomination and become an independent church. 

Another justifying rationale was that the corporation limited the liability of its officers to the assets of the corporation, if the corporation was ever sued.  Of course, all these reasons violated Biblical principles concerning personal responsibility and liability in relationship to God and man.  What we did not realize was that a corporation is the creation of a state government.  Therefore, the entire church became a licensed operation of the state.

The Kurtis Monschke Story Part 1

by Mark Downey

July 13, 2014

Scripture Reading: Hebrews 13:3

Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them” Heb. 13:3 ESV.  I wonder how many Christians heed this passage or even understand the ramifications of what they're being admonished to do.  Although it's not Scripture, we have heard the idiomatic expression, “There but for the grace of God go I.”  I wonder how many people have committed crimes and have never been caught?  I wonder how many Christians think so and so should be in jail for something they think he did wrong, when in fact incarceration is no where to be found in God's Law.  The only justice meted out in the Bible is restitution or death, which is a pretty good deterrent against crime or what we call sin.  But, this passage in Hebrews isn't necessarily talking about criminal actions, or debt or immorality and certainly not your more heinous crimes of malevolence, but rather those who are in bondage for the sake of Christ.  Today we call them political prisoners or prisoners of war (POW's).  This is often the case with God's elect standing on principles and demonized in a nation under occupation and not under God.  You know you're doing something right when “men shall revile you, and persecute you, an shall say all manner of evil against you falsely” for the sake of Christ (Mt. 5:11).  I dare say that the antichrist jew would like to put every racist, what they consider an “antisemite,” and every politically incorrect hate group in concentration camps to die.  They are so bold today, to talk of the White race and Christianity in the past tense, in the most disparaging terms.  But in spite of this, the Holy Spirit compels White men to proclaim the Good News of the Gospels and to produce good fruit.  You usually won't find them in the churches, but you'll find them in the trenches of racial consciousness.  That's where the real battle is being fought, in the hearts and minds of our kind. 

We should not forget those who dare take a stand.  We should admire those who, as the KJV puts it, “Prove[s] all things; hold fast [hold on to] that which is good” I Thes. 5:21.  The CNT renders it, “But scrutinize all things, hold fast that which is right.”  Unfortunately, when a society has a government that no longer adheres to proof or scrutiny, it no longer is a terror to the evil, but to the good and righteous.  In lieu of jewish death camps for the goyim, we have instead a criminal justice growth industry, whereby innocent men and women can be thrown into prison on the flimsiest of pretext(s).