October 2013

Is Martin Luther King Day Christian?

By Jim Jester

The national holiday honoring the civil rights activist, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (not the name at his birth), is a national disgrace. It is the only holiday that bears the name of a man who had nothing to do with the founding of America. This alone could qualify it as a racist holiday. Most Americans will respond that we have Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays honored. But the fact is, these names have been dropped from the calendar in lieu of the generic “Presidents Day.” Those not born in America or immigrants coming in could rightly ask, “Which presidents?” Dead presidents, living presidents, presidents of debating societies? To be fair and equal, MLK Day should actually be called Civil Rights Day. Instead, the Negro, Mr. King, is honored simply because of his race, not because of his character. This is hypocritical, because I recall that he spoke about a person being judged by his character, not by the color of his skin. American’s should ask, is this holiday a Christian observance worthy of honor and was Mr. King a Christian?

Something to Think About

by Pastor Don Elmore

Roman Catholics are taught that the Pope is the Vicar of Almighty God.  But that is 6000 years too late; for the real Vicar of God was Adam, the father of our race.  He was created fully grown to carry out God's Will on the earth.  He was to rule over the other races; but he failed in the Garden when he sinned and now the Roman Catholics have raised up substitute Vicars.

It is similar to Judeo-Christianity; for the hyphenated word is an oxymoron.  Let's look at what Judaism says about this new religion!

The London Jewish World, 15 March 1923, quoted in The Truth at Last, Issue 337:  "Fundamentally, Judaism is anti-Christian."  The Judeo-Christians would like that statement to be:  "Fundamentally, Judaism is pro-Christian"; but it is not.   Rabbi Moshe M. Maggal (President, national Jewish Information Service:  "You will notice the great difference between the Jewish and Christian religions.  We consider the two religions so different that one excludes the other...we emphasize that there is no such thing as a Judeo-Christian religion...There is not any similarity between the two concepts.  Too bad Christians don't believe what the jews say!

We Are God's Covenant People


by Thomas A. Dooley

We are God's covenant people
From Abraham we came
Through Isaac and through Jacob
God's promise is retained.

For thou art holy people
Unto our God above.
The Lord chose you, oh Israel
His only covenant love.

From Jacob's seed, twelve nations came
Given unto birth
The promise of an Israel
Inheriting the earth.