April 2013

Make Love Not War


by Pastor Don Elmore

April 7, 2013

Scripture Reading: Matthew 27:20-27

This week the Supreme Court held opinions on the issue about same-sex marriages.  There are nine (9) states out of fifty (50) so far that have made it legal; and the Supreme Court is to decide if this is constitutional and if the federal government can grant the national benefits of marriage to the sodomites.  

The Supreme Court consists of 6 Roman Catholics and 3 Jews; 6 men and 3 women.  What!  No Protestants!  No Bible believers! Some women?  Prior to our Constitution, every one of the 13 State Charters forbid all Roman Catholic and Jewish members from holding any office which would include any office in the Supreme Court or even voting in any election--only white Christian men, and not all of them!

Three of the Supreme Court Judges are women.  They couldn’t hold a state office or even vote after the Constitution was made valid; that is during the first 131 years of the nation's existence.  Women, in the United States, gained the right to vote in 1920; after many years of meetings, debates and struggles which finally led to an affirmative vote.  There has been more years in our country when women could not hold office or vote that when they could; 131 to 93!  What was the difference--we were more Christian back then and more jewish now.  We were free back then and are jewish Communists now.

Sandy Hook Contribution Funds

by Pastor Don Elmore

The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting that occurred on December 14, 2012 has close to fifty misconceptions and inconsistencies that make it to appear like a false flag incident or a big hoax.  Adam Lanza, who death was registered as being on December 13, the day before; and there is no official paper record of him for the last three years of his life; the ridiculous news conference by the Chief Medical Examiner; the conflicting testimony of Gene Rosen who supposedly took in his home six children from Miss Soto’s class; the very strange marching in one door and out the other, over and over again at the Fire house; no ambulances allowed at the school; the fire trucks and ambulances blocked in by many cars; the strange stealing of Lily Gaubert’s picture from her mother’s face book account and its posting as being one of the victims (she doesn’t even live near Sandy Hook); Noah Pozner’s picture being an individual photo (no photos available of him with his parents or others); Veronique Haller, Noah’s mother, is legal counsel for the Switzerland embassy; Veronique’s brother, Alexis Haller is a prominent lawyer  who   defended   Vatican  City  of  the   Roman  Catholic  Church,  who also defended the Oracle Corporation and who wrote a very strong gun control memorandum for the relatives of Noah Pozner; Noah, who is Jewish, was shot 11 times by the AR-15; Robbie Parker, the father of a supposedly murdered little first grade girl, laughed and cut-up right before he spoke on the night of the murder; why did he do this—where was his wife?  His daughter is missing from any photos from Miss Soto’s class, and who interviewed the janitor who was outside the classroom doors, and on and on it goes.