March 2012

Mormons in the White House


By Pastor Don Elmore

March 11, 2012

Scripture Reading: Mark 7:1-9

Who was the first Presidential Candidate who was murdered in the United States while he was running for the office?  There have been several Presidents who were assassinated while in office; a few who had suffered several bad wounds, but this question refers to a Presidential Candidate who was killed before the election. 

Before I answer this question, let’s consider the Republican Candidates who are left in the election for 2012.  There are serious questions about Mitt Romney’s religious beliefs, that I have heard absolutely none reported by the news media.  Rick Santorum is a Roman Catholic.  Santorum is a congregant of the Opus Dei-linked St. Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church in upscale Great Falls, Virginia which links him to former FBI director Louis Freeh and organized crime. 

Newt Gingrich is a Marxist/Leninist Communists traitor and revolutionary.  Ron Paul just isn’t going to win.  On the other side, is another communist, but he is not even a citizen.   They have America right where they want her.  No good choice!

I will give you a clue that the first Presidential Candidate that was murdered was a Mormon; do you know who it was?  Let’s look at all the Mormon candidates for President who have run, going in reverse order of the year in which they ran:

The Three Theological Systems of Christianity

The Three Theological Systems of Christianity

An Overview of Christian Doctrine Using Calvin's T.U.L.I.P

The Apostle Paul warned the church, especially in the Book of Acts, that when he would leave the church for the last time, grievous wolves would come in.  These wolves would take many sheep away from the pasture and slay them.  But down through the ages, there has always been a church; many times just a remnant church.  The Roman Catholic Church tortured and murdered many of the true churches in the mountain valleys of the Piedmont in the Alps Mountains and in several other places.

But when in the 1500s the Protestant churches broke away from the mother church; two main theological systems developed:  Calvinism and Arminianism.  There were many debates and terrible fights developed between these two main divisions of Christianity.  But there has always been the third view -- the covenant view -- that churches have held to and believed.  It has to do with the covenant; the covenant that was made and swore to by God the Father.  Covenant Theology is the answer to the arguments that have followed since the Reformation.  It is a synthesis of the Reformers, accepting elements of truth from both sides while rejecting errors of both.  It is this view that we present to you, thanks to Jim Jester.