August 2011

A Few Answers to "Answers In Genesis"


By Don Elmore

June 19, 2011

The June 11, 2011 Saturday Enquirer had another story about the “Answers in Genesis’” new park in nearby Grant County, Kentucky. The headline was:  Ark Work Could Start Soon; with the secondary headline being:  Tax rebates pave way for $172M attraction. It was on page one, right at the top of the first page; and it continued on to page A12.

One wonders why this organization gets such good promotions from the newspaper. And this story is not unique; there have been many stories about “Answers in Genesis” throughout the years. Many of them, front page stories!

I remember when they only had a book and cassette tape room in a very small space in a small strip mall, located at their headquarters in Florence, Kentucky.   In around twenty years they have built a Museum (worth over $30 Million and totally paid for) and now plan to build a $172 Million park with full-size replica of Noah’s Ark, a Walled City with retail, food and themed venues, a children’s play area, a Tower of Babel with a special-effects theater and a Noah’s Animals area with a petting zoo. Other exhibits include a Journey Through History themed attraction, a First-Century Village, an aviary and a special-events area for large gatherings. Both of these attractions are/will be in northern Kentucky.<--break->

Ark Work Could Start Soon

A Cincinnati Enquirer Article

This is how the article begins in the Saturday, June 11, 2011 Enquirer:

Groundbreaking for the $172 million Ark Encounter project could be as early as August, now that tax rebates for the attraction have been greenlighted.

The approval of incentives virtually assures the project will be built on the Grant County site identified by developers at a December press conference in Frankfort.

‘This was the site that we really liked and everything was predicated on getting this approval,’ said Mike Zovath, senior vice president for Answers in Genesis and project manager for Ark Encounter LLC.