November 2010

Deception on Identifying Israel Part Eight: Israel in the Modern Era

By Jim Jester

Complete series available in book format:  Will the Real Israel Please Stand Up?

1 John 5:19“We know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in the evil one.”

If the whole world is in the hands of the Evil One, then it should be no surprise to anyone that the majority of the Earth’s population is deceived in regard to the message in this series, “Identifying Israel.” Those who are of God are the only exception to this rule for they are in His hands. They may be ignorant of history, as I certainly was, but they want to know the truth regardless of how unpopular it is, for the truth will set us free. Nowhere does the Bible teach us, as the popular song says, “He’s got the whole world in His hands….” For only Israel is “the apple of His eye (Zechariah 2:8).

What if you discovered that everything (well, almost everything) you’ve learned all your life was wrong?

White Eve Black Kali

by Richard Kelly Hoskins

...At last I settled on Thomas Road Baptist Church where I went for 18 years. They taught me to tithe, go to church on Sunday, and how to be a “goody two-shoes”.

I’m a slow learner. After 18 years I found that my Bible reading and my church teachings didn’t agree. Thomas Road taught that God’s Law was done away. The Bible I was reading said “If you love me obey my commandments.” To learn right from wrong at Thomas Road one had to ask the preacher.

The Bible was put together by the Roman Church and there were a number of books mentioned in the Bible that weren’t included in the Bible. I began searching them out and reading them. None disagreed with the Bible — they just expanded on the stories that were in the Bible. Things began to come together.