August 2010

Why We Are Sick

By Rik Huffman 

Why do we call our doctors for every little sniffle? Why do we line up for flu shots that they say will protect us from the coming PANDEMIC only to get the flu anyway?  Why do we believe them when they tell us sunshine (Vitamin D3) will cause skin cancer and instead we slather on sunscreen which has cancer causing ingredients?  Why do we let the FDA prevent supplement companies from telling us the healthy benefits of real food and health supplements?  Why are we obese?  Why do we have a diabetes epidemic?  Why do we let them force cervical cancer vaccines on our young girls?  Why do we let them give our newborn 15+ different kinds of vaccines before they leave the hospital?  Why do we not recognize our own sons and daughters who come to visit us in the “old folks home”?  And on and on and on I could go.  Where do I start….at the beginning I suppose.