What Rock and Roll Churches Have Brought

Even former musicians of Rock ‘n’ Roll bands became leaders of these new kind of churches:  very strong on worship, very weak on theology.  The “jesus movement” had succeeded.   They had transformed the Christian church to an anti-Christian, rock ’n’ roll church and very few realized what had happened!

Calvary Chapel was friends with Kathryn Kuhlman, who was a jesuit Roman Catholic witch.  At the Chapel they had Jerry Boykin, member of the Knights of Malta (military army of the Roman Catholic Church); preacher of MorningStar Fellowship  of North Carolina, Rick Joyner (also s member of the Knights of Malta), David Barton, Glenn Beck and Rick Warren as speakers and friends.  They all are in favor of a Roman Catholic one-world-church.

If rock ‘n’ roll hadn’t come on the scene, there would not be all of these pseudo-Christian universal organizations!  Rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay and it is engrained in our people.  It is the backbone of all the megachurches and the majority of old mainstream denomination churches in town.  They will stay universal as long as there is rock ‘n’ roll music, for its beat leads to the wrong god(s).