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Three Short Articles



Hate Crimes

Out of 222,299,854 total crimes reported in 2008 in the USA  7,783were recorded as “hate crimes.”  This equals 0.035%, or not even one-half of one-tenth of one percent of all crime committed throughout the country! 

 So why such shrill cries of alarm?  Because laws against “hate crimes” (i.e. criticism of homosexual lifestyles, any black or anything Jewish) aren’t really about crime; they are about creating the ILLUSION that bias, “intolerance,” and “hate” are a huge national problems—one which can only be remedied through sweeping federal hate crimes legislation, much of it targeted at Christians. 


Why Charging Interest Makes you a Slave

You get $1 and you put it in the bank and you do not add anything else for the duration of the savings account.     This is how much you would have after the following years:

$1 deposited and left alone earning 6% per month.

  • After 40 years:      $12  
  • After  100 years: $447

$1 deposited and left alone earning 20% per month:

  • After 40 years:    $2800  
  • After  100 years:  $412,726,824 

  Isn’t this amazing?  It takes 70 years for $1 earning 20% a month to earn $1,000,000!  Then it goes exponential!  Do you not wonder why our LORD said to not charge interest to our brother?  Because it will make him your slave.  What is the average interest rate that the credit cards charge? 

Our GOD said to cancel your non-interest bearing loans to your BROTHER every six years.  GOD doesn’t like His people to be in debt!  He prefers that His people have liberty.


Time Magazine's Man of the Year 2009

 TIME magazine picked as its MAN OF THE YEAR—Ben Bernanke, the head of the Federal Reserve Bank!  This shows how the media is a partner to what is going on in the government and in the economy.  Ben Bernanke, the “nerd” from South Carolina, is really a part of the Banker’s plan to completely fleece the dumb sheep.

 Notice a small portion from a article which is written by a believer and can be found at:  (

“And now, in the last several years, the Cabal introduced another practice to allow the Cabal banks and insiders more golden opportunities to really fleece the dumb sheep.  This practice involves the creation, expansion and use of derivatives to bet on anything and everything possible and particularly to work the futures markets.  The repeal of the 1933 Glass-Steagle Act in 1988 helped this motion along; but it was underway for many other reasons before then…

 But it must be cited as a banker’s innovation to make still more money from the gullible public.  Effectively, it allows the bankers and their colleagues/relatives to  get away with  grand larceny.

The derivative problem is huge.  US banks are involved to the tune of $200 trillion and other US financial institutions are on the hook for at least another $100 trillion.  This $300 trillion compares with perhaps $600 trillion worldwide (per the BIS).  So it is big business.  And as is the Rothschild Cabal MO and expertise, the Rothschild's are master at it and are making most of the money.”