My Memorial Day

Memorial Day, Another Hi-jacked Holiday

By Jim Jester

Memorial Day is to remember and honor those who have died in America’s wars. But when was the last time you heard anything about the death of the Confederate soldiers? There are more soldiers buried in the south than in the north. Don’t these men deserve to be recognized as fighting for the freedom of their country as well? In my opinion it is these men of the south who actually were the last soldiers to die for freedom in America.

I turned on the radio today and heard the Lee Greenwood song, “God Bless the USA!” God bless America? How can God bless us when we are at war with Him? We’ve removed Him from the schools; no prayer allowed; no religion taught (unless it’s Satanism or Witchcraft); murder on demand (via aborticide); the Ten Commandments removed from public buildings, etc. Yes, we are at war with God because we also elect people who not only are forbidden by His Law to rule us, but are totally corrupt and criminal. How could God bless our country; and why would He even want to? Amerika is cursed!

Some of the other lyrics in the song went on to say, “I’m proud to be an American (I’m not), where at least I know I’m free.” Free? What? If you think you are free in this country, you are living in a dream world. I will not even try to list all the reasons we are not free in Amerika, but if you will just think a little about the area of economics, or government interaction with the public such as licenses and permits, or the judicial system, you would have to come to the same conclusion as I have. We aren’t free.

Now, Memorial Day is just another hi-jacked holiday. By hi-jacked I mean a holiday which has been altered, twisted or used to promote propaganda by the government to promote its agenda. Rarely do we hear about the true patriot who died for his country. Instead, we hear about those who died for the US government. There’s a big difference. Those who have died in recent years may have thought they were defending their homeland but actually they were not. Their intents were pure but they were misled by propaganda.

When I joined the Air Force in 1970 I thought I was defending America. I joined for the right reason, and many do today, and certainly they deserve our respect and honor. But in recent years, it has been proven by de-classified documents, that our government was not truthful about the Gulf of Tonkin incident. The Viet Nam War was a political war and was not justified. The same is true today. The undeclared wars we are involved in today are not justified. Those who serve think they are serving their country, when actually they are only serving the New World Order slave masters. And, when any of these men die, they are made heroes because they served the regime, while at the same time their family thinks they died for their country and freedom. This is a hoax played upon Americans’ emotions every Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day, and someone needs to expose the truth. I have taken this opportunity to bring this to your attention. So before you get all teary-eyed and grateful for those who died so you could be free (allegedly), ask the question; did they die fighting tyranny at home, or did they die supporting the government’s policy in a foreign land? Yes, they died honorably, following their orders, but they shouldn’t have. They should still be with their families today. So as you remember this special day, I hope you see through all the government propaganda and media hype taking advantage of your sons’ (or daughters’) sacrifices.