How to Detect a False Church

By Jim Jester

1.  First of all, if a so-called Church organization is a 501 c 3, tax exempt corporation, it is not a true church of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a part of the State Church and is a corporation only, and comes under the authority of the State, not Jesus Christ. Write it off as unworthy of your support and continue in your search.

2.  If a church organization is centered on being  attractive to the  rest of the world and to “bring them in” rather than following the humble teachings of the Bible then it is very questionable as worthy of your support. If its emphasis is “come as you are” or their worship is centered on rock music, or such like, then it is likely a false church. If entertainment is their creed rather than seeking sound doctrine, then flee such a place because there is no doubt about it being a false church, or at the least, a very mislead one.

3.  If a church organization teaches any Masonic or Talmudic doctrines such as, the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man, the acceptance of all races and creeds, or that all people can be “saved” there can be no doubt it is an anti-Christ church and is unworthy of Christian support. The Bible clearly does not teach that Yahweh (Lord) God is the Father of all, or that we are all brothers, or that it is just fine for Christians to marry outside their race, or that every human being on the planet can come to salvation in Christ. Flee such a church like you would the plague. Such a “church” that teaches any of these Luciferian, Talmudic, Masonic doctrines is no doubt a false church.

My advice to any follower of Jesus Christ is to first find a church that is not registered with the state. God will not play second place.

Secondly, look for a church that teaches the entire Bible, not just parts of it, and does not care about what the crowd thinks of them; a church that is not afraid to be separate as God’s word declares, not only from the habits of the world but from the other races as well.

Finally, find the church that mentions the covenant that Yahweh God made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and one that will tell you why Christ had to die and who He died for. This everlasting covenant with this particular race of people is the entire context and point of all the scriptures. Without knowing this you cannot understand the Bible.

If you have found a church meeting these three conditions then you have found a true church of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is worthy of your support. It is a pearl of great price and a city set on a hill.