By Pastor Don Elmore

There is much confusion over certain words in the Bible and words referring to people who are in the Bible. Once such word is anti-semite. It means to most people one who is anti-jewish or anti-zionist. But it can't be.

Noah had 3 sons: Shem, Japheth and Ham.

  1. Shem
    1. Abraham
        1. Ishmael -- father of the Arabs
          1. Descendants of Shem

      1. Isaac
          1. Esau -- twin of Jacob; father of the Edomites; married two or three Canaanites and one Ishmaelite
            1. After destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. most went to Northern Africa and Spain; a few to the Khazar Empire
            2. Sephardic Jews
            3. Descendants of Shem

        1. Jacob/Israel; twin of Esau -- father of the Israelites
          1. Judah married Canaanite; had 3 sons--only 1 son; had children--he (Shelah) married a Canaanite
          2. Judah then had two sons by an Israelite woman
          3. Some of the other Israelites also intermarried Canaanites and other strange races
          4. The rest married another Israelite and became eventually a multitude of nations; a great nation and other nations
          5. Descendants of Shem
  2. Japheth
      1. Askenazi -- converted in the sixth century (A.D.) to Judaism in Khazar Empire
        1. According to Jewish sources these people make up over 90% of the total Jewish population
        2. Ashkenazi Jews
        3. NOT SEMITIC -- Descendants of Japheth
  3. Ham
    1. Some became Falashas Jews through intermarriage with Canaanites or Edomites; a few converted to Judaism
    2. NOT SEMITIC -- Descendants of Ham


In today's multicultural world, there are a mixture of all three peoples in every possible combination; but basically:

  1. Most Arabs are Semitic
  2. Most Israelites are Semitic
  3. Most Jews are not Semitic; only about 10% or less are Semitic