America's Coming Crash

by Pastor Everett Ramsey

This is the last page of Pastor Ramsey’s monthly newsletter:

“Ephraim is settled in the United Kingdom isles, Greenland, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand and other isles. 

Manasseh is settled in the United States which is composed of all 12 tribes.  There are several pieces of data that would indicate that Central America and Canada may be the safe haven for His people during the last calamity.

There has already been an influx of Anglo Christians to this area.  The latest census data shows that Texas County Missouri has increased in population by 16% over the last ten years.  This is a reversal of the previous ten years which saw a 12% decrease. 

More and more people in this area are meeting in home churches and Bible Study.  More of them are pulling away from the established churches which are filled with error and totally blind as to who we are and what we need to do. 

People in this area are installing wood heat and cook stoves, back up electrical generating abilities, emergency medical supplies, food, gardening and tools and hand pumps for water wells.

When the Federal government ceases to have the ability to function as a dominating force and unable to be the almighty supplier of food and medicine, new local governments will arise.  It is our desire and effort that in the area where we live, that government will be Biblical and look very much like the original colonies of this country.  Will those who are unable to take care of themselves try to rob and steal and will the lazy and uneducated want to be taken care of?  Of course, but that will not be allowed.  Responsibility and accountability will have to reign or we will all perish.

I pray that we are interpreting all the signs wrong.  I pray that none of these evil events will come upon us.  But be assured my friend, that delays in God’s judgment will not abolish the judgment.  The judgment of the wicked among us will come.  Let us be ready, repented and rejoicing.