August 2016

Biblical History Part 1


Almost, But Not Quite

Copied from the sermon of Pastor Don Elmore

August 28, 2016

Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 33:20-22

The Bible says that “God hates Esau.” But I wondered exactly who are the descendants of the Esau in today’s world? I know that Esau is our enemy and I wondered who else in today’s world are our enemies. So, what I found out begins in today’s sermon and will continue on in the following messages.


The first enemy of God’s people had to be the first murderer. It was Cain. And do you remember Cain’s punishment for killing his half-brother Abel? God told Cain that he could no longer be a farmer, and the land would not produce for him. And that was forever. In addition, he would be a wanderer and a vagabond. And that was forever.

So, in today’s world what would Cain be? Wouldn’t he be a globalist or internationalist? Wouldn’t he instigate the establishment of the League of Nations and the United Nations? The Bible, according to the faith revealed through Moses and the prophets, forbids very strongly confederations such as these two institutions that have been established in the last century.

The conflict between modern day Cainites and the rest of the world has now escalated to International Law; hence there is a war against nationalism, national independence and sovereignty through the United Nations and the media. When a nation becomes a member of the United Nations, it surrenders its sovereignty and independent status and becomes subject to the International Law of Cain/Canaan/Edom, and is not free to decide its own destiny.

Choose God’s Law-Order

By Matthew Luckey

I find myself arguing with conservative—i.e. establishment New Republican Party “conservatives”—on a regular basis over so-called “free market capitalism.” Many of these new-conservatives are east coast Jew transplants to San Francisco. This has become a kosher rite-of-passage since Bronx, Brooklyn, and Lower East Side Jews came to San Francisco in the 1940s to lead the beatnik movement, and then the Hippies in the 1960s. In those days Izzy Epstein advocated leftism; now he pushes free market fundamentalism. As you well know, the Cainites are famous for their hat-switching prowess. Their brand of conservative tells them they can take all the drugs they want, indulge in elicit deranged sex with whomever; of whatever they want, and rob the widow and orphan for as much as they like, as long as thy have enough filthy lucre to get the job done.