The Tower of Babel, Again

by Pastor Don Elmore 

What day is our National Sabbath (United States)?  Let’s see — what day do most stores and government offices close?  What day looks like a day of rest?  What day became a state and national holiday in the middle 1800’s?

I saw a commercial on television today and it said that this company which repossesses objects (like cars) took the advice of emails from some of its customers to take a day off.—what time did they take off—this year they took off Christmas.    Christmas is the only day of the year that Kroger’s closes its stores.  For many stores—the story is basically the same.  Christ’s mass is the time for the nation’s Sabbath.

Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Meier’s, Macy’s, Sear’s, Ikea’s, etc. all are closed on Christmas.   The one day that resembles a Sabbath in America is Christmas.  Most stores and factories are CLOSED.  Most people are not working.  But it is NOT commanded by our God; it is the Sabbath of the god of this age. 

All over  the world,  most  civilizations  have been celebrating a  time  of celebration for this week during the Winter Solstice.  It is the actual birthday of Mithras or Nimrod.  The stories are all similar.  The husband dies a horrible death.  The son marries his own mother.  The mother has a son; which is a miraculous birth.  The birth was on December 25th.

Nature's Version

This all takes place in nature.  The Winter Solstice is the darkest day of the year.  The sun shines for the least amount of sunshine — the sun seems like it dies.  For three days the amount of sunshine remains the same —  will the sun live?  After three days, December 25th, the day of sunlight began to last longer — the sun was reborn. 

As the superstitutious pagans observed the  sun gradually moving south in the heavens and the days growing shorter, they believed the sun departing never to return.  To encourage the sun’s return north (i.e., to give the winter sun god strength and to bring him back to life again), the sun gods were worshipped with elaborate rituals and ceremonies, including the building of great bonfires, decorating with great evergreen plants.  The winter solstice, then was the shortest day of the year.  Observing the slowdown in the sun’s southward movement, and its stop, the heathen believed that their petitions to it had been successful.  A time of unrestrained rejoicing broke out, with revelry, drinking, and gluttonous feast.  Then, when the pagans observed the sun moving again northward, and a week later were able to determine that the days were growing longer, a new year was proclaimed.

Babylonian's Version

The false gods worked around this story.  Cush was the father of Nimrod.  His wife was Semiramis.  After the Tower of Babel failed, Cush died.  Semiramis then married his son, Nimrod. Seth,  the faithful descendent of Noah, gathered 72 men and killed Nimrod by cutting him into many pieces; sending them throughout the region. 

This was done to show that Nimrod was not a god.  Semiramis was able to find 14 of the cut pieces but could not find the one reproductive part for it was eaten by a fish.   Nimrod came back to life on December 25th; this was shown by an evergreen tree which replace a dead stump.  His wife, Semiramis,  became pregnant and she said  it was from the spirit of Nimrod.  She gave birth to Tammuz (or reincarnated Nimrod) on December 25th.

Roman Catholic Version

This story has been passed around the civilizations — from Egypt to Babylon to Greece to Rome, etc.  until around the third century A.D., the Roman Catholic Church changed the name of the gods to Christianized names.  Thus, Christmas was added to the list of Yule and Saturnalia and became a holiday of the counterfeit Christian Church. 

Nimrod’s name was dropped and the name “Jesus” replaced him.  Mary replace Semiramis.  Jesus also was substituted for Tammuz the son, born on December 25th. All the traditions and decorations were Christianized from the ancient Babylon and from nature.

The Battle Between the Blood Lines

This battle has been going on for almost 6000 years; with victories on both sides.  Nimrod, according to a variety of ancient sources, wore “magical” clothes.  These clothes were said to be the clothes of ADAM himself — the clothes God made for him after he realized he was naked in the Garden.  Adam reportedly gave them to his son, Seth, who passed them down through the generations, eventually to Noah.  After this, they found their way into Nimrod’s hands.

Whenever Adam wore these clothes, all the animals around him prostrated themselves in obedience.  Nimrod discovered that he could wear theses same clothes, and the animals of the day would do the same thing.  This could probably be a reason he was known as a mighty hunter and conqueror of wild animals (Genesis 10:8).

Apparently, the clothes had the same affect on the people of the day, which allowed Nimrod to reign over them, as well.  We know, however, Nimrod’s rule was not to last.  After his death, his mother/wife had a child, of whom she claimed was Nimrod re-born, or a “god-incarnate.” 

One day, her son, this “re-born” Nimrod, was all grown up, and went hunting.  He wore the same clothes of Adam in his hunts, to protect himself from the animals around him.  Jacob’s brother, Esau, was also a hunter.  He saw neo-Nimrod and his body guards.  Having known about the magic clothes, Esau stole them off of the murdered body, and took them for his own.  It was a tough ambush, and Esau became exhausted from the struggle, so he ran all the way home to where Jacob was staying. One he saw Jacob, he begged him for something to eat.  He sold Jacob his BIRTHRIGHT  for a pot of beans.

This set up a sibling rivalry unlike the world had ever seen.  Esau ‘s descendants would go on to form the Edomites, which would eventually the Pharisees and later a ruling part of the Roman Church Empire.  

God hates Esau, if, for no other reason for his position of opposition to the descendants of His chosen people.  God loves Jacob; God hates Esau.  How can there be peace in the world?

There was a royal “changing of the guard”, in regards to the authority and hierarchy of ancient Babylon.  Once, it was Cush and Nimrod, then Semiramis, then neo-Nimrod.  Now, Esau stripped the royal clothes off new-Nimrod, as well as Babylon's majesty, and kept them for his own descendants. 

That is why that eventually Rome and the Roman Empire would take it’s place as a majestic, world-dominating system.   Although the influences of ancient Babylon spread throughout many facets of the world, it’s royal authority, or majesty, was once headed at  the city of Babylon. 

This sibling rivalry between the descendants of Esau and the Israelites have continued on till today.  Both Israel and Rome want “divine” authority.  Esau had control over the clothes of Adam and passed it on through his generations.  Have you ever wondered why Rome has such a dominating hold, or majesty, over the world? Why are so many people attracted to the Vatican, and yield under its power? 

The Esauites became the rulers by deceit. They have infiltrated and ruined every civilization that they became a parasite nation over.  The European Union (E.U.) was established at about this same time as the nation of Israeli. This all went down in the  “Treaty of Rome”.  The nation which now encompasses Rome (Italy) was one of the founding countries of the E.U.  The treaty of Rome formed a conglomerate of nations— nations that seemed to be a “revived” conglomeration of the lands that Rome once ruled! 

And what are the holidays of the one world religion? Is it not the holidays of the witches and religious world? 

  1. Christ’s mass Season
  2. New Year’s Day (January 1st)
  3. Inauguration Day
  4. Groundhog Day
  5. Valentine’s Day
  6. Easter (Ishtar) Season
  7. April’s Fool’s Day
  8. May (1st) Day
  9. Olympic Games
  10. Halloween, etc.

Christ’s mass is a major component of the world’s religion.  It is celebrated by over 2 billion people in the world. Do you think that the Holy Spirit would guide any of His people to celebrate this day?  It is the shortest day of the year; the darkest day of the year. 

The Bible says nothing about celebrating the birthdays of any of its saints — let alone any thing about celebrating the birthday of its SAVIOR.  The battle goes on—Don’t be deceived by the bloodline and clothes of Esau!